BCC Software Inc.

Bell and Howell's system ensures barcodes are scanned quickly and accurately.

BCC Software’s system ensures barcodes are scanned quickly and accurately.

BCC Software Inc is a leader in both paper-based and digital messaging solutions, providing customers with the tools they need to manage their communications, particularly in the mail room. Their BCC Mail Manager software allows organizations the ability to process mail quickly and efficiently without succumbing to serious risks such as lost postage.

This solution has been supported by the organization for years, and we at Imhoff Technologies are proud to serve as a platinum dealer of this valuable software solution. We work tirelessly with our clients and BCC Software’s professionals to ensure the businesses we sell to are receiving a product that fits their needs and see a solid return on investment.

BCC Mail Manager is an easy to implement solution with a short learning curve. Companies that procure this software system will quickly understand that it is just as simple, if not moreso, than whatever legacy product they previously owned.

However, while users will likely get the hang of the system sooner rather than later, we at Imhoff Technologies offer a level of support and service that will accommodate each and every one of our clients and walk them through several key procedures such as implementation, training and software maintenance.

It’s understandable that businesses are often hesitant to invest in a particular solution if they believe whatever they ultimately buy won’t accommodate any future needs should the business grow or change in any other way. Suppose an organization currently employs 15 staff members in its mailroom and processes 1000 pieces each day, but two years down the line those numbers grow to 50 and 10,000, respectively.

Businesses that invest in BCC Mail Manager need not worry about the ramifications of their own growth. The system is designed to scale and grow with its user, so any drastic changes will be covered. BCC Software intends to service its customers for a long period of time, regardless of what changes they go through during that period. At Imhoff Technologies, we share the same vision.

Improve your scanning process with BCC Mail Manager

Barcode scanning is an important, albeit arduous task in any mailroom. Those working in this environment must ensure packages are scanned quickly, particularly in large departments that process huge volumes of mail each day. Should an organization encounter any issues that slow down the scanning process, all other operations could be halted, which could lead to a reputational hit if mail isn’t delivered in a timely fashion.

In addition to speed, scanning accuracy is just as imperative. If a mistake is made during the process that negatively impacts accuracy – such as a missed package – this could cause a chain reaction that dramatically affects the integrity of the entire day’s work. It’s for these reasons and more that the importance of package scanning is paramount.

BCC Software’s Mail Manager solution promotes timely and accurate scanning. The software supports a number of barcodes, including Intelligent Mail, POSTNET and CODE 128, among others so you can rest assured that your packages will be able to be read by the system. The increased level of efficiency experienced in this process will result in stronger productivity and, ultimately, a more profitable enterprise.

While scanning is one vital need in the mailroom, there are many others that BCC Mail Manager can assist. At Imhoff, we will work with our customers to help them understand these benefits and set them up with the right system and settings to fit their needs.