Free shipping can’t save Amazon Prime price hike from criticism

More users of Amazon have been drawn in by the Prime service. For the last nine years, the fee of $79 per year netted members several benefits including the ability to get free two-day shipping, access to streaming movies and television shows and free Kindle e-book downloads.

Shoppers that frequent the online shopping Website have been able to get their money's worth. However, it was announced earlier this month that effective April 17, the cost of the Prime service will be going up to $99 per year.

According to a recent article from Kiplinger, a personal finance advice and business forecast website, many users have not been happy about the change and even though it is only $20, it could be enough for some to stay away from using it.

When you consider that orders of $35 or more automatically qualify for free shipping, there are better streaming media options with more recent content and there are hurdles to the free e-books (only one per month) the benefits of Prime start to look less appealing for a higher price point. 

"I have been a Prime member for many years and will not be bullied into paying more!" one customer wrote on Amazon's forum, according to an article from the Columbus Dispatch.

Even with free shipping, the price hike of Prime could be a costly decision for Amazon. This shows that while many customers have jumped onboard a service that provides them with free and quick shipping, it needs to be at the right price. Any company can keep customers happy with a reliable delivery option and an intelligence mailing solution provider can help businesses optimize this solution.