New bar code speed world record set

Most consumers do not put much weight into barcode technology. It is something that holds information that is scanned when at the cash register. However, they not only have several other uses for the technology, there are those out there that are pushing it to heights never before realized.

According to a recent article from DC Velocity, at the 2014 National Retail Federation convention in New York, Digimarc set the Guinness World Record for top speed when it comes to retail scanning. This was done with the company's unique digital-watermark bar code and the use of Datalogic ADC's Magellan 9800i multiplane image scanner.

Under the supervision of a Guinness adjudicator, two executives that claimed to have no bagging experience successfully scanned and bagged 50 grocery items in 48.15 seconds. The previous record was 75 seconds.

The increased speed here comes from the improved bar code. According to the company, the technology allows an imperceptible pattern to be placed into images and graphics on consumer packaged goods. It contains all the information that can be gleaned from the global trade identification number (GTIN) that happens when one scans a UPC code. However, unlike current systems where the data comes from one specific location, the entire surface of the package can be imprinted with the code.

This is just one example of how bar code technology has moved beyond the traditional uses. In the shipping realm, organizations have been able to improve overall operations through the use of intelligent mail barcodes that speed up the sorting process and help companies track every package.