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Satori's solutions help improve recipient contact info accuracy.

Satori’s solutions help improve recipient contact info accuracy.

When sending bulk mail orders, keeping addresses organized can be a challenge. Imagine a credit card company mailing statements to 10,000 customers at once. There are many risks in doing so and, considering the regulations placed on the mailing industry, any operational shortcomings could result in serious consequences.

The risks increase tenfold during busy mailing seasons. For example, a college’s mailroom will find itself under a tremendous amount of pressure during the time of year when admission decision letters are to be sent out. It is at these times when efficiency is key. Organizations must find ways to increase the speed in which mail is sent without compromising delivery accuracy.

Satori Software’s data and mail preparation solutions are ideal in this situation. Organizations that use Satori are able to gain a number of advantages pertaining to the accuracy of recipient data while also increasing their ability to deliver mail in a timely fashion. This is accomplished because Satori’s software promotes the utmost level of efficiency by eliminating unnecessary tasks and allowing users the ability to effectively view and manage contact data in real-time.

Satori’s integration is what truly sets it apart from its competitors. Users are able to collect addresses and save them in a database system designed to properly store information while allowing users to access it in a quick and efficient manner. Satori’s solutions can integrate into a mailroom environment to allow organizations to enhance all aspects of their operations.

Always have the right information with Satori’s Mailroom Toolkit

By using Satori’s solutions, organizations can reduce the risk of improper addressing and returned mail – both significant problems that can require a great deal of time, money and effort to resolve. When mail is returned to an organization, not only was time wasted, mailroom employees must spend precious resources tracking down the correct address, repackaging the mail and delivering it all over again.

But while ensuring contact data is accurate is incredibly important, keeping it up-to-date isn’t always easy. Individuals move, get married and change names, and these events significantly change contact data. Sometimes they are done so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. However, mitigating the chance of mailing to an old home or addressing a recipient by the wrong name is essential and organizations must do what they can to achieve this.

Satori’s Mailroom Toolkit solution does just that because it allows users to correct data quickly and efficiently, which will be updated in real time in a comprehensive database. No longer will organizations fear the chance of lost or unsent mail. Staying on top of important information changes goes a long way toward achieving the ultimate goal – sending mail to where it needs to go as quickly as possible.

Satori has been delivering mailroom solutions since 1982 and at Imhoff Technologies we carry and support the best products the company has to offer. We work diligently with our clients and conduct an extensive audit of their current systems, procedures and solutions. We do this to ensure they are receiving the best system to fit their needs and that they will receive the maximum value from their investment. It is our commitment to our customers that drives us to take the time to ensure each client is receiving the best support.

Our staff is trained in Satori’s solutions and we have the resources needed to educate our customers on the benefits of each Satori solution and why each individual system would fulfill specific needs. We assist with the implementation of each solution, but our support doesn’t stop there. We will work with our customers to ensure their systems are properly installed and staff is trained. This will allow users to enjoy all the benefits of their new Satori system.