How to make your direct mailing solution stand out

There is still a certain charm to receiving a letter in the mail. It is one of the main reasons that direct mailing strategies are still an effective marketing tool for many businesses. However, with the amount of junk mail floating around it is important to make sure anything your company sends out is able to standout and, most importantly, get opened.

A recent article from the Young Entrepreneur Council that was published by Small Business Trends, featured several members of the group disclosing their tips for eye catching letters and packaging. The question that was proposed to each respondent asked what was one way to improve the appeal of direct mail to current and potential customers.

"Remember when getting a letter in the mail was exciting? So do we," the article reads. "But how do you recreate that feeling and get customers excited about your business when they're facing a sea of junk mail, flyers and credit card offers?"

The advice offered in the piece ranges. First there is the simple like use a stamp instead of a mass-mail approach, partner with another company to increase the value of your offer and make it lumpy so receivers get curious. Then there is the more complicated, like being creative (send a message in a bottle), make the packaging useful or tailor the content to the customer.

Businesses can also look into optimizing the solution with the help of an intelligent mailing solution provider. This will help create a target mailing plan to ensure a better return on investment.