The importance of tracking mail

When it comes to mailing items through the United States Postal Service or any other delivery service, there is an expectation that the items being shipped will end up in their desired locations in one piece and on time.

Unfortunately, as many of us know, this does not always happen. There are several reasons that this could be the case.

According to an article from The Boston Globe, a Roxbury, Massachusetts, postal worker pleaded guilty this week in a U.S. District Court to charges that he was responsible for stealing 12 iPhones from the mail and using a false name and birthday on a job application.

"Dozier was discovered stealing iPhones from a mail sorting machine in 2012." the article reads. "He confessed to stealing 12 over the course of several weeks and reselling them at a local barbershop during his indictment."

In a separate incident in Orange County, California, two big rigs collided on the freeway. One of the was USPS truck carrying 120,000 pieces of mail that were destroyed in the subsequent fire. According to the Orange County Register, residents in six different area codes could be affected.

"Customers who mailed important items may want to follow up with recipients in the next few days to determine if their letter arrived," a USPS spokesman told the news source.

Incidents like this are unfortunate, but they highlight the need for proper intelligent mailing solutions to make sure every piece of mail is tracked and can be accounted for.