USPS reform gains stem in Washington

One of the biggest areas of discussion when it comes to the United States Postal Service is the need for proper organizational reform. There are several areas that are being debated in congress and those behind the legislation were speaking out last week.

A recent article from Fox News spoke with several people in the know about why it is important to pass this bill and save the USPS from a government bailout.

According to Jeffrey Williamson, the USPS executive vice president, even with the current hard work and internal changes, the organization needs comprehensive reform to be able to to right the financial ship.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, has been pushing for several changes and said members of congress will need to accept them. These include: a five-day delivery schedule, curbside delivery, fixing the size of the post office and changing the retirement payout system.

Delaware Democratic Sen. Tom Carper is also pushing for this change.

"Not only does our bill modernize the Postal Service and give it the tools and resources it needs to make tough but necessary business decisions to cut costs and increase revenue, but it also directly addresses the source of the Postal Service's two biggest financial liabilities — retiree pension costs and health care costs — so taxpayers won't be left on the hook for these obligations in the future," Carper said.

It seems clear the USPS is going to be changing. Because of this, any company that relies on the organization for bulk or direct mail should partner with an intelligent mail service provider to improve overall operations.