USPS to deploying intelligent mail scanners

The barcode is an important of piece of technology when it comes to the shipping industry. Many companies like UPS and FedEx have equipped their delivery drivers with mobile scanners as a way to improve the way that customers can ship.

According to an article from EcommerceBytes, the United States Postal Service is going to be getting in on the action. The first step in this was improved free package tracking which happened last year when the "Delivery Confirmation" service was rebranded as "USPS Tracking."

There have been complaints about the service and the USPS is trying to improve it. The piece mentions that like UPS and FedEx, the organization will be deploying Mobile Delivery Devices (MDD), which will support real-time scanning.

This is a key part of effective tracking strategies. To help this, the device is able to connect to multiple wireless networks as a way to ensure all data collected is transmitted properly. These devices will also replace the aging Intelligent Mail Device and clamshell cell phone that are currently being used.

"Customers want to know where their package is, when it's likely to arrive or when it arrived exactly," Engineering VP Michael Amato said in a press statement on the USPS website. "This investment in technology will help to improve the Postal Service's commitment to timely package delivery and reliable tracking information."

The plan is for 75,000 of these devices to be in use between August and December of 2014. This shows how the importance of intelligent mailing systems has grown and the role it now plays.