USPS to start investigating its brand value

Readers of this blog are well aware of the fact that changes are coming to the way the United States Post Office operates. From customer facing alterations like reducing the number of days mail comes and only delivering to curbside or communal mailboxes to internal improvements including a revamp of retirement payments, things are in the works.

However, there could be additional changes coming to the brand itself. According to a recent article from PRWeek, the USPS is currently soliciting proposals from outside firms that specialize in brand valuation and strategy. The goal is to improve critical attributes of the USPS brand and sub-brands including Priority Mail and First-Class Mail and determine their value based on critical attributes, along with worksheets, assumptions and sensitivity analysis.

The winning application will start working for the USPS within five business days and the project will expand in four months time.

"If the project is expanded, the winning bidder could also be required to provide insight into various brand strategies to protect and enhance the brand, as well as specify strategic recommendations and indicate potential business and financial impacts for each, all with estimated timeframes," the article reads.

The deadline to submit proposals just ended and a winner should be announced soon.

Changes are coming to the USPS and organizations that rely on bulk or direct mailing solutions need to be aware of them in order to remain successful. With the help of an intelligent mail solution provider, any company can be sure it is optimizing this business critical operation.